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Writing contracts that comply with law in your state isn't easy. A contract that doesn't comply could leave you with no way to collect. You need contracts that:

  • Fit your jobs exactly,
  • Contain your state's required statutes and attachments,
  • Will stand up in court should a disagreement occur.

Many contractors use boilerplate contracts. That's a mistake. No contract fits all jobs and state contract requirements. You'll be unprotected should a disagreement occur and you end up in court. Doing business on a handshake or on notes scribbled on an envelope is worse -- likely to earn an invitation with the state license board.

Now there's a better way. Write perfect contracts in minutes by answering simple interview questions:

  • No legal background needed.
  • All state-required statutes, attachments, or warranties included.
  • You create contracts as detailed or as simple as the job and your state requires.

If you get stuck, click the "Get Help From an Attorney" button. You'll have an answer in 24 hours. No charge. No limit.
Take control of the contract-drafting process and you protect yourself, as well as control the bottom line.

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CCW drafts millions of contracts. Here's one.

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2014 CD Estimator
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Is a revolutionary software tool that enables you to measure anything in a photograph. This is very useful in many situations: when multiple measurements need to be taken and shared, when physical measurements are difficult or unsafe to perform, when you choose not to be present to make measurements - plus - the photos provide a permanent record for review and future measurements.
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Contractor’s Office construction software’s dynamic estimating, job scheduling and accounting components will help you Decrease overhead, Decrease over-runs, Win more jobs, Make more profit, Get more referrals and Make your business last.


Ziatek EstimatorCAD serves the need for quickly and accurately obtaining critical quantities used in takeoffs. ...designed for the estimator, (not the designer!)

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 with an estimating program that exports estimates into QuickBooks Pro and Excel.
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