Because you need to Cut Costs, Not Corners

If you think performance comes with a high price tag – think again. Because with Xillix™ insulated concrete form (ICF) products from Tritex™, you’re able to cut costs, not corners, with a complete building system that takes you from foundation to roofline – more efficiently and affordably than ever before.

Tritex ICFs deliver energy efficient, strong, soundproof and environmentally friendly structures. Fully engineered for residential and commercial concrete construction, use Xillix insulated concrete forms for:

  • Foundations for modular, log and panelized
  • Whole wall construction
  • Stem walls and basements
Xillix ICFs make it easy to meet your high standards for quality and performance. So, homeowners can more affordably incorporate the features they want in their new homes and homebuilders can complete more projects, more profitable than ever before with Tritex ICF Products.


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